Women Report High Levels of Gender Discrimination in STEM Fields
Seeker, January 17, 2018
Amid continuing sexual harassment and assault allegations in entertainment, media, and politics, a survey from the Pew Research Center shows half of all women working in STEM industries reported experiencing workplace discrimination.

This Nutritive Golden Potato Is the Latest GMO Superfood
Seeker, December 1, 2017
A genetically modified tuber with high amounts of vitamins A and E could potentially help to nourish the world — but will it ever make it to market?

Engineered Protein Makes Obese Mammals Shed Weight
Seeker, October 19, 2017
The protein — GDF15 — caused mice, rats, and macaque monkeys to consume less food and lose weight, as well as lower cholesterol and insulin levels in the blood.

Mental Training Exercises Can Alter Your Brain and Reduce Stress
Seeker, October 4, 2017
Two new studies are giving a boost to research that demonstrates how certain mental training routines promote structural changes to the brain.

New Artificial Intelligence Renders Your Face in 3D Using Just a Photo
Seeker, September 20, 2017
Until now, this has been a computational challenge of “extraordinary difficulty,” with obstacles posed by varied facial poses, expressions, and lighting

Air Pollution Is Shaving Years Off of the Human Lifespan
Seeker, September 13, 2017
People in China are dying three years early because of airborne particulates, which are also impacting the health of people around the world

Inside the Lab That's Producing the First AI-Generated Pop Album
Seeker, April 13 2017
Flow Machines has been developing an AI program that can compose professional-quality pop music, and will release a full album before the end of the year

Nanocar Race: Watch the World's Smallest Racing Competition
Seeker, April 27, 2017
The race was to promote molecular machines and nanotechnology

BP plans to use coral harming chemical in event of oil spill near Amazon reef
Energydesk, August 15, 2017
BP plans to clean up a potential spill using the same chemical agent used after the Deepwater Horizon disaster

Amazon: Brazil slashes funding for Indigenous agency, delays dam decision
Energydesk, December 16, 2016